Your Wave My Wave?  (always patrick's wave...kidding)



The different types of waves and how they break are described in the Peeling Wave section next up, so if you don't understand any of the naming go and have a look there. Here we will concern ourselves who has the right to be on a wave. Before going on we would just say that you should make sure that you are not selfish when you surf. Waves should be shared, the locals who surf a spot every day should not have to fight tooth and nail for every wave against incoming surfers, and locals should let incoming surfers have waves as well. It is all about sharing!. However, who has the right of way?


Right Of Way On The Wave

Basically the surfer who is closest to the breaking part of the wave has priority. If a surfer is up and riding then this is also their wave. This is most easily explained with a diagram.


Who's Wave Is It Anyway?

OK, so it's surfer D. Why, because surfer D is closest to the breaking wave. Simple as that!. If surfer D does not get the wave then its up to surfer C and so on. The person who is furthest out, who has normally waited the longest for the wave will often be the one to get the wave - he has priority.

If two surfers are going for the same wave and it is not clear cut who has the inside then it is down to who is on their feet first (this is really the only case of first come first served).

If you are surfing a wave that is peaking with both a left and a right then communication is the key. If you are going to go left then let the other guy know. A nice loud 'LEFT' should get everyone's attention!. There is no reason that two people should surf the same wave in this case.


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