Playa Grande can have some really huge breaks, which tend to close out at about 6'.  There are a dozen or so breaks, and incoming mid tide seems to be the best time to go.  Lots of places to stay here too if you want something quieter that Tam...definately more of a chillaxing attitude with way less of the party lifestyle indicitive of Tamarindo.

The waves can be really good here with a SW  /SSW swell, and there are at least two great breaks to the left of the hotel and one good one to the right.  If you walk north towards Ventanna, there are some excellent waves to be caught.  One of the beauties is that the shifting sands can make for completely new breaks every month!

Playa Grande beach is also a beach where the leatherback turtle comes to lay its eggs. The leatherbacks take over the beach from November to April. They dig their nests one metre deep, lay their eggs and cover the pit with sand, returning once again to the sea. After 60 to 90 days, the hatchlings emerge and immediately make their way back to the water.

And please...if you see a hatchling turtle at dusk or dawn, turn off you flash on your camera and keep at least 10 feet away!

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