A group of us try to go to Ollie's Point on The Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica as much as possible...The only way to the break is to charter a boat. You're looking at about $300 divided by 6 people, so it's not so bad.  Ollie's is best done on a low tide, but when there is a good swell, the waves can last  all day. Most waves were chest to head high with a perfect right roll.


The rivermouth/pointbreak has to be one of the more enjoyable rights in the world, almost as good as a warm-water Rincon.  Ollie's Point has to be a solid south swell to even show. The only practical way to get to Ollie's is by getting a boat taxi from nearby Playas de Coco, which you can easily organize from surf shops in Tamarindo such as WRSC.

How did the break become named such? "Ollie's Point," was the favorite place for Oliver North's shipments to arrive on their way to Nicaragua during the war in the Eighties. Once you see the beach, it will all make sense. Supposidely there is a secret airfield around too...

Surf Quality  / wave

quality = World Class

experience = experienced surfers

surf frequency = very consistent (150 day/year)

Wave typepoint-break


bottomflat rocks with sand


normal length = long (150 to 300 m)

good day = very Long (300 to 500 m)

Tide, Swell and Wind

swell size = starts working at 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft and holds up to 5m / 16 ft and over

tide position = low and mid tide

tide movement = rising and falling tides


National park tickets for each day at Witch's / Ollie's: $15 per person, per day


GPS Lat.

10 51.1465' N

GPS Long.

85 48.15216' W

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