Playa Langosta used to torment me with its rocks and rip in front of the river mouth.  Now I love it!  Just watch out for the sharks :)

Langosta is the southern end of Tamarindo Beach at about 3 km from the centre of town or southeast from the San Francisco Estuary. There is a wildlife refuge and a marine national park. The beach is large enough that non-surfers will easy find quiet stretches. Parts of the beach have rip-currents and barely submerged rocks, so make local inquires before swimming It is a place made up of large extensions of clear sand beaches. Surrounded by Svannah Oak-, Tamarindo and Coconut trees. Its a good destination for anyone that wants to fish, surf, kayak, dive, snorkel or boat.

This beach offers a right and left point break that curles off the mouth of a small river.  There are other good breaks, but contact me first about directions. Or dropby the surfclub sports bar and ask Mike.

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