Chicama Peru gets an honerary mention.  13 of us flew to Lima in the fall of 2008, and ended up spending almost two weeks surfing up the Atacama Desert coast. It'sthe longest left break on our planet at 2.1km, and it's tough to get there.  If you decide to go.  Learn Spanish.  Get a guide.  Bring cold water gear. And be prepared to fix your own are in the middle of nowhere. 

After spending a few days in San Bartolo south of Lima, we took two vans up the coast over 600km over three days.  Three days?  You bet.  The entire drive up we hugged the coast and found point break after point break, most of them never surfed before. 

By the way, check out San Bartolo and  Our friend, Antonio Tello, the hotel owner, has been surfing Peruvian Beaches for over 30 years, and  will be your host, guide and friend.

Here are some pics.


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