Surfing comes first!

Whatever you do and wherever you go and however you get there, just remember one thing:  surfers travel.  If you don't, you might as well quit. 

patrick smyth vancouver

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What's new?

The waves have been really quite good, with winter summer swells now coming in at least once per week.  Yes's winter here.  I update my blog as much as possible so make sure to subscribe to the updated surf reports for the Pacific Central American coast.

Surf  Rentals / Lessons

If you are looking to rent boards here, contact my friends listed on  my links page or email me for a recommendation.   I don't work in the surfing industry so I am very neutral.

If you are looking for private lessons, let me know as I know some really good teachers.  And beginners - puleeeze take a lesson before paddling out there.  They will teach you things from surfing etiquette, safety moves to always looking behind you when taking a wave.


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